About kb1rhp

I got into Amateur Radio in 2008 as a Technician after taking classes at ESPN. In 2012 I upgraded all the way to Extra. I am interested in Public Service events, ARES, and SkyWarn. I've spent a lot of time playing with HRD and listening to digital modes. I'm in the middle of building an HF station using my Yaesu FT-857D and a Buckmaster OCF dipole.

EmComm Training

Part of our charter is to prepare to provide emergency communications for the company and community. Although not expressly required WARC officers strongly urge all members to follow the Connecticut ARES training roadmap. All amateur operators volunteering under ARES for events in the community are requested to complete the training program and provide proof in order to be credentialed for activation. ARES is striving to conform to FEMA’s Incident Command System requirements.

WARC is not ready to offer EmComm training as of yet. However, there may be some offerings in your local area. You can check with the league for availability here. Generally, you should complete some prerequisite courses before signing up for an EmComm class.

For more information on ARES training in Connecticut please visit the CT ARES web site and click on the ‘Training’ tab. You may also want to check out the ‘CERT Training’ tab for a more general offering of emergency training in your community.

Recently, the FCC, under direction from Congress, reported on the uses of Amateur radio in emergency situations. You can read it here.


WARC holds successful first VE session


One of the objectives on our club is to grow the ranks of new ham operators. Since many of our members were not yet licensed the club decided to hold its first class for those looking to get on the air. Club vice-president George Parson (W1GHP) offered to instruct the class of fourteen students over the course of many weeks. Jay Ballard (W1JHB) and Jonathan Glastris (KB1WSD) were on hand to help demonstrate the real aspects of the curriculum. Meanwhile, other members were planning to execute the test session as VE’s. Rod Lane (N1FNE), Mike Nagorski (N1JJX), Ted Szypulski (K2GAV), and Don Skinner (N1HWR) officiated the VE session on June 12 and scored each participant’s test per ARRL rules. The result? All fourteen students passed their tests and are now licensed radio operators! Congratulations to all our new licensees. Next, George will consider holding some classes for upgrading existing licensees. Since this was our first VE session there were some things the VE’s took away to make our next test session run more smoothly. We hope to be able to offer test sessions for operators outside of the club on a periodic basis and give back to the community at large.

W1GHP (seated) with first WARC Technician graduates - June 12-2012